MP Board 10th Result 2023: Check Toppers List and Success Rate

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The Madhya Pradesh Board of Secondary Education (MPBSE) recently declared the much-anticipated results of the Class 10 examinations for the academic year 2022-2023. With a success rate of 63.29 percent, this year’s results showcase the hard work and dedication of students across the state. In this article, we will delve into the details of the MP Board 10th Result 2023, highlighting the list of toppers and providing a comprehensive analysis of the overall performance.

Success Rate and General Overview:

Out of the total students who appeared for the MP Board 10th exams, an impressive 63.29 percent emerged successful. This achievement demonstrates the commitment and perseverance of the students as they tackled the challenges posed by the pandemic and adapted to the new normal of online learning.

The results also reveal the commendable efforts of the teachers, who tirelessly supported the students in their academic journey. The success rate reflects their dedication and innovative teaching methodologies, ensuring that the students received quality education even during the difficult times.

List of Toppers:

The MP Board 10th Result 2023 has introduced us to a group of exceptional students who have secured the top positions. Here is a glimpse of the toppers and their outstanding achievements:


1 Mridul Pal 494
2 Prachi Garhwal from Indore, Kriti Prabha from Soni, Sneha Lodhi from Narsinghpur 493
3 Anubhav Gupta, Abhishek Parmar, Unnati Aggarwal, Astha Singh Rajput, Radha Sahu, Sudisha Katare, Priya Thakare 492

These exemplary students have set a benchmark with their remarkable performances, inspiring others to strive for excellence in their academic pursuits.

Factors Contributing to Success:

Several factors have contributed to the success of students in the MP Board 10th examinations:

  1. Student Resilience: Students have demonstrated resilience in adapting to online learning and overcoming the challenges presented by the pandemic. Their determination to excel in academics despite the limitations is commendable.
  2. Effective Parental Support: The support and encouragement provided by parents and guardians played a crucial role in the students’ success. The involvement of parents in their child’s education ensured a conducive learning environment at home.
  3. Dedicated Teachers: The guidance and mentorship provided by teachers were instrumental in shaping the students’ success. Their commitment to imparting knowledge and providing personalized attention to students helped them achieve their goals.
  4. Technological Integration: The integration of technology in the learning process facilitated seamless access to study materials, online classes, and interactive learning platforms. This tech-enabled environment encouraged self-paced learning and engaged students effectively.

Way Forward:

While celebrating the achievements of the toppers and successful candidates, it is essential to acknowledge that each student’s journey is unique. The MP Board 10th Result 2023 not only highlights the success stories but also emphasizes the need for continuous improvement in the education system.

Efforts must be made to bridge the learning gaps and provide necessary support to students who couldn’t achieve the desired results. Identifying areas that require attention and implementing targeted interventions will ensure that every student has an equal opportunity to succeed.


The MP Board 10th Result 2023 showcases the commendable performance of students, the dedication of teachers, and the support of parents in the state of Madhya Pradesh. The success rate of 63.29 percent reflects the resilience and determination of the students, who overcame various challenges during the academic year.

Congratulations to all the toppers and successful candidates for their exceptional achievements. Their success serves as an inspiration to students across the state, encouraging them to aim higher and work diligently towards their goals.

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