Kharge mocks at Modi’s appeal to people to vote for the BJP in his name

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AICC president Mallikarjun Kharge addressing a press conference in Hubballi on Wednesday.

AICC president Mallikarjun Kharge addressing a press conference in Hubballi on Wednesday.
| Photo Credit: KIRAN BAKALE

Mocking Prime Minister Narendra Modi for appealing to people to vote for the BJP looking at his face (Modi’s), AICC president Mallikarjun Kharge sought to know how many times would people have to see his face and vote.

Addressing a press conference in Hubballi on Wednesday, Mr. Kharge questioned the rationale behind even Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai seeking votes for the BJP in the names of Modi and Amit Shah.

“It would have been sensible if he had made vote appeal based on his works. Instead, he is asking people to vote for the BJP looking at Modi’s face,” he said.

“It is not Parliamentary election. Even for Assembly election Mr. Modi and Mr. Shah are making frequent visits to Karnataka. How many times will people have to see his (Modi’s) face. Will people have to vote for the BJP looking at him even in panchayat elections. Will he be contesting there also,” he mocked.

Mr. Kharge said that the people had already decided to vote against the BJP and that was the reason why the BJP leaders were making incoherent, irresponsible statements as they have become desperate.

“Mr. Amit Shah has issued a statement that if the Congress is voted to power, then, there will be riots. Does it mean that all these years riots happened whenever Congress came to power.  He is instigating the people by such provocative speech. We are contemplating filing a case against and our legal experts are looking into it,” he said.

On the issue of corruption, Mr. Kharge said that Mr. Modi’s talk of not letting anyone loot the nation’s wealth was a mere sham as no action has been taken even after contractors association wrote to the Prime Minister.

Unemployment rate is at the highest now under Modi rule and even the available vacancies are not being filled. Inflation is high and petrol, diesel, LPG have gone beyond the reach of common people. Till date nothing has been done to check inflation and nothing to help micro businesses, he said.

Under Modi’s rule different yardsticks are being applied for disqualification of membership. As a result, in a hurried manner, Rahul Gandhi was disqualified and was evicted from his residence, he said.

On giving back the Muslim reservation taken away by the BJP government, Mr. Kharge said that his party will discuss on how to reinstate it and that it could not be disclosed now.

To a query, he said that the Congress is fighting for the protection of the Constitution and thereby the future of the country. He listed out the various measures taken by the Congress for the welfare of various communities and various regions and development.

The former Chief Minister Jagadish Shettar, the former Minister Santosh Lad and others were present.


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