Andhra Pradesh: Teachers’ unions up the ante against School Education Principal Secretary

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Leaders of teacher unions in the State have accused School Education Principal Secretary Praveen Prakash of targeting them for mistakes committed by the government and the departmental higher-ups.

Citing the suspension of Parvatipuram Manyam District Education Officer, Veeraghattam Mandal Education Officer and two others, and the “humiliation meted out” to the Srikakulam Deputy Education Officer and a few teachers, leaders of the Andhra Pradesh Teachers’ Federation (APTF) alleged that the Principal Secretary was acting in violation of the rule book by instantly suspending teachers and initiating disciplinary action against them without even seeking their explanation.

In a statement, federation president Ch. Manjula and general secretary K. Bhanu Murthy said Mr. Praveen Prakash’s style of functioning had created a fear psychosis among teachers across the State.

“Problems may exist, but instead of identifying and addressing the root of the problem, teachers, who are physically present in schools, are falling easy prey,” they said.

They said teachers were being targeted for no fault of theirs, and urged the government to rein in the Principal Secretary.

They said, if his “arbitrary and irrational” behaviour was allowed to continue, they would be forced to resort to en mass leave, stalling the entire system.

Leaders of the State Committee of the Federation of Andhra Pradesh Teachers’ Organisations (FAPTO) also condemned the suspensions, saying that such acts would only debilitate the education sector.

They said, instead of plugging the loopholes in the system, teachers were served notices and memos, and were being suspended for “trivial reasons.”

“Teachers are being pulled up even if a student does not wear a mask or use the pair of shoes given to him. But nobody talks about the fact that textbooks were supplied from June to November,” said federation chairman N. Venkateswarlu and secretary general Ch. Manjula.

They said, if their repeated pleas to stop this harassment went unheeded, teachers in the State would be forced to take the confrontation path.


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